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Eating Animals Conference

EATING ANIMALS CONFERENCE – CANTERBURY, 23 JUNE. Giving a paper “Defying nature: The Ben Franklin Objection Revisited” at the launch event for the Centre for Practical Normativity at the University of Kent. Registration here.  

Science: Not Just For scientists

SCIENCE: NOT JUST FOR SCIENTISTS – 100 IDEAS. I’ve contributed an idea to this project by the the British Science Association.

The implications of longevity

Crime hard-liners were always fond of the simplistic slogan “Life means life”. What we’re now learning is that when the meaning of “life” changes, the meaning of life changes, too.

York festival of Ideas

IS FREE WILL AN ILLUSION? – YORK, 9 JUNE. Taking part in this event with Christian Jarrett and Adrian Raine. More information and booking here.

5×15 Bristol

HOW TO BE A CHEERFUL PESSIMIST – BRISTOL, 4 JUNE. For the record, I spoke at this 5×15 event giving one of five 15-minute talks.

Manchester attack: human compassion triumphs

The antidote to nihilism does not require any appeal to the transcendent or the divine. I’d take the values expressed by all those who opened their doors in Manchester purely out of human compassion over the futile search for a higher meaning any day.

Do Tim Farron’s views on homosexuality matter?

I want to know what kind of man Farron is and knowing he is an evangelical Christian does make me question his judgement and whether he is the best person to lead his party. However, democracy only works when despite this, people like me are willing to support people like him when we see we share the same political goals. Democracy requires broad coalitions of interests among people who differ.

We can work it out

In a brilliant piece of philosophical jujutsu, Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber turn reason’s weaknesses into strengths, arguing that its supposed flaws are actually design features which work remarkably well. All those biases and heuristics are not “quick-and-dirty” but “fast-and-frugal”.

Eating humans

Cannibalism is not in all instances immoral, disgusting or unnatural. Why, then, is the mere suggestion of it horrific to most of us?

In defence of hierarchy

Essay in Aeon co-authored with Stephen C. Angle, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Daniel Bell, Nicolas Berggruen, Mark Bevir, Joseph Chan, Carlos Fraenkel, Stephen Macedo, Michael Puett, Jiang Qian, Mathias Risse, Carlin Romano, Justin Tiwald and Robin Wang.