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The Edge of Reason

WORDS BY THE WATER – KESWICK, 10 MARCH. Talking about The Edge of Reason at this lovely Cumbrian festival.

How to win the argument

“I say to people in Québec: your kids are going to change you more than all these immigrants. I’m a grandfather now and I see what has happened over these two generations and it’s huge. We dropped the central religious identity of Québec in this time, nobody forced us from outside.”

Let’s Do Lunch

FOOD PROGRAMME – BBC RADIO 4. I’m one of the voice sin thsi week’s programme, first broadcast yesterday. Listen here.

The Myth of Self-Authorship

One thing many of us appear to believe today is that a quick Google search will answer any question. As I discovered when trying to find out what we believe today, you don’t even need to do the search. Just type in the first few words and see how the algorithms complete it for you. So it was that the phrase “believe in” was completed by – as I suspected – “yourself”.

On Free Will

INTERVIEW – SPIKED REVIEW. An interview about free will.

Dorset Humanists

SCIENCE WITHOUT PEDESTALS – BOURNEMOUTH, 11 FEBRUARY. A Darwin Day talk, with optional lunch, challenging the pretensions of those who elevate science too high so we can better appreciate it for what it really is and more fully understand what it means to value reason and rationality.

Science versus Religion: Do We Need to Choose?

BELIEF AND BEYOND BELIEF – LONDON, 4 FEBRUARY. Taking part in a panel discussion on “Science versus Religion: Do We Need to Choose?” with – Sughra Ahmed, Suzie Sheehy and David Hutchings with Anna Starkey chairing. At 11:30 at the Southbank Centre.

What’s The Point of Protest?

BBC RADIO 4 & WORLD SERVICE. I appeared on two programmes today talking about the purpose of marches and petitions. First, I was on Radio Four’s Today (listen here at around 2:53:00) then on the World Service’s World Update (listen here at around 5:00).

Painful truths

Love is so last century. What the world needs now, the only thing that there’s just too little of, is empathy. Empathy is widely touted as the key to effective management, good government, better medical care, improved wellbeing, higher-achieving schools, excellent parenting, even world peace. It’s clearly time for a backlash…


SUNDAY – BBC RADIO FOUR. I was on last week’s programme talking with Theo Hobson about the alleged Christian basis of secular humanism.


  • Anyone know which is the kireji here and how it is pronounced? 静けさや岩に染み入る蝉の声