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The Thought Police

Detective Ed Gillespie has made the ancient Greek philosopher part of Baltimore Police Department’s annual in-service training. Here are some suggestions for what should be on any police force’s reading list.

The Hidden Why

THE HIDDEN WHY PODCAST. Interviewed by Leigh Martinuzzi for his podcast here.

Ex Libris Live

EX LIBRIS LIVE PODCAST. I feature in this episode of the literary game show with Tracy Chevalier, Paul Bassett Davies, Katerina Diamond and host David Freeman. More details here.

3:AM Interview

INTERVIEW IN 3:AM MAGAZINE. Interviewed on truth and post-truth by Hugh D. Reynolds here.

Can a dog really be brave?

Seeing animals as too like or too unlike ourselves are equal and opposite mistakes. The way to avoid this error is not to imagine that other animals are more human-like than they really are, but to accept that we are more like other animals than we generally believe.

The Dao of Jazz

THE DAO OF JAZZ – LONDON 15 NOVEMBER. “Philosopher Dr Julian Baggini explores the relationship between Jazz and philosophy and reveals what we can learn about how to live, just by listening a little closer.” With pianist Clive Dunstable and vocalist Juliet Russell.

Yarburgh Lecture at York

CONSOLATIONS FOR A POST-TRUTH WORLD – York 14 November. Talking at 6:30. Details and booking here.

Our obsession with empathy is flawed

Given a choice between complex cogitations and simple emotional reactions, most of us, most of the time, opt for the latter. This choice is usually automatic and unconscious. The emphasis on empathy encourages us to indulge this weakness, to believe that feelings are all we need to be better people in a better world.

Ex Libris Live

Join Tracy Chevalier, Julian Baggini, Paul Bassett Davies and Katerina Diamond for an evening of bookish bluffing, entertaining chit-chat and outright literary sneakiness as our panel battle it out to win Ex Libris LIVE!

Brussels events

VARIOUS EVENTS IN BRUSSELS – 22/23 OCTOBER. All related to my most recent book on truth. On Sunday at 2pm I’m leading a Superdemocracy discussion group at the Belgian Senate. On Monday at 7pm there is a public lecture at the Muntpunt library, followed by a Full Circle dinner at the same venue. In the […]