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BBC Radio – Secular Sunday

I went on a trio of BBC Radio Programmes today, all of which can be heard again for at least a week. First, I was on Radio Four’s Sunday, presented by Ed Stourton talking about so-called militant secularisation and religion in public life. The podcast can be downloaded at this link.Prompt for that was this piece I wrote in the Guardian earlier in the week.

The I was on Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence talking about the same thing with Peter Hitchins and presenter William Crawley.

Finally, I was on Radio Bristol’s Sunday Starts with Trevor Fry (in the last half hour) talking about my recent FT Magazine article on Trevor Fry. Prompt was my FT Atheism in America piece, which in a wonderful local radio moment Fry revealed how little he’d read of it by completely misunderstanding one of the photos.


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