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The Edge of Reason

“Julian Baggini has written a masterpiece, and what a timely masterpiece it is. The toxic gloating of ‘gut feelings’, hateful politics and heart-over-head attacks on good sense urgently need an antidote. Baggini has risen to the occasion. In this compelling book, he is fair-minded, incisive and bold; he never ducks the hard questions, but faces […]

Freedom Regained

In this cogent and compelling book, Julian Baggini explores the concept of free will from every angle, blending philosophy, neuroscience, sociology and cognitive science. Freedom Regained brings the issues raised by the possibilities – and denials – of free will to vivid life, drawing on scientific research and fascinating encounters with expert witnesses, from artists to addicts, prisoners to dissidents. Contemporary thinking tells us that free will is an illusion, and Baggini challenges this position, providing instead a new, more positive understanding of our sense of personal freedom: a freedom worth having.

The Virtues of the Table

How we eat, farm and shop for food is not only a matter of taste. Our choices regarding what we eat involve every essential aspect of our human nature: the animal, the sensuous, the social, the cultural, the creative, the emotional and the intellectual. Thinking seriously about food requires us to consider our relationship to nature, to our fellow animals, to each other and to ourselves. So can thinking about food teach us about being virtuous, and can what we eat help us to decide how to live? All this and more in my new book.

The Shrink & The Sage

To coincide with the publication of The Shrink and The Sage, Julian Baggini and Antonia Macaro, authors of the book and the FT Weekend Magazine column of the same name, talk to philosopher John Sellars about the relationship between ancient Stoic philosophy and modern psychotherapy.

The Ego Trick

“In this entertaining, educative and gracefully written book, Julian Baggini explores the question of the nature of the self and in what sense it persists through time. … This is one of the best, most readable and most stimulating introductions yet written about this intriguing topic. Enjoy, and profit.” AC Grayling in the FT.

Do They Think You’re Stupid?

“Every society needs its guardian of good sense: Baggini is ours.” The Financial Times

Should you judge this book by its cover?

My new book is now out. From the preface: The aim of this book is to make proverbs and other familiar sayings speak their wisdom afresh, and to clear away some of the mistaken ideas they can give rise to. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that I do not try to […]


I’ve had some good reviews, and thankfully no really bad ones, for Complaint. Here are links to four of them. (Guess if they’re the best or worst!) “This funny, accessible, acute study” Laurie Taylor, Times Higher “Someone once wrote, of a book of mine, words to the effect that ‘This book could change the way […]

Welcome to Everytown

There’s a podcast interview with me here, talking about Welcome to Everytown: A Journey into the English Mind, which is just out in paperback. The website (podularity) has lots of other interviews with authors too.

The Ethics Toolkit

“Baggini and Fosl have provided an admirably no-nonsense tour through the crowded landscape of contemporary philosophical ethics. Competent and helpful; this little gem will keep the pair in ale for many a year to come.” Metapsychology Online