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Science: Not Just For scientists

SCIENCE: NOT JUST FOR SCIENTISTS – 100 IDEAS. I’ve contributed an idea to this project by the the British Science Association.

On Free Will

INTERVIEW – SPIKED REVIEW. An interview about free will.

Philosophy On The Table

INTERVIEW IN SYMPOSION JOURNAL. Talking about philosophy and food. “The key to enjoying life is therefore to be able to cultivate a deep and keen appreciation of the pleasures of the moment while at the same time allowing them to pass without regret.” Read here.

Twenty Questions

TWENTY QUESTIONS. A Q&A for the TLS in which I reveal my least favourite fictional character and hidden talents, among other things. Read here.

Is humanity losing faith in reason?

UNTHINKABLE – THE IRISH TIMES. Q&A on my new book with Joe Humpreys. Q&A on my “well-timed and cogently argued” new book in the Irish Times

Thought for the Day

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. One for the record: I was quoted on Tuesday’s Thought for the Day on Radio Four. Stranger things have happened, but not many.

The Reading Lists

INTERVIEW. A short Q&A about books for the new The Reading Lists website here.

Philosophie Magazine

PHILOSOPHIE MAGAZINE – Que signifie le choix du peuple anglais de sortir de l’Union européenne ? Au lendemain du référendum sur le Brexit, le philosophe britannique Julian Baggini, écrivain cofondateur, livre sur le vif ses craintes pour le Royaume-Uni et pour l’Europe. Read here.

Prospect’s Big question

HAS BRITAIN FALLEN PREY TO POPULISM? I contributed my ha’penny worth to Prospect’s blog on this question. Read here.

On a mission to be useful

INTERVIEW IN THE NEW ZEALAND HERALD, 30 APRIL. Dionne Christian is the generous interviewer for this piece, ahead of my appearances at the Auckland Writers Festival. Read here.