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How The Light Gets In

WHAT SHOULD YOU WORRY ABOUT AND HOPE FOR IN 2018? My fears for 2018 are too widely shared to bear repeating, but I do have some hopes. Contributing to a How The Light Gets In forum.

University Challenge

UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE. I’m on the UCL alumni team with Jeremy Bowen, Jessica Curry and Jane Dacre. We beat Leicester in round one and tonight (4 January) we take on Reading (where I got my undergraduate degree!) in the semi-final. BBC Two at 7:30.

Books to open eyes to inequality

ON PETER SINGER. I contributed to this selection of thoughts on books to open your eyes to inequality for the Guardian.

3:AM Interview

INTERVIEW IN 3:AM MAGAZINE. Interviewed on truth and post-truth by Hugh D. Reynolds here.

The inescapability of the ethical

Social epidemiology never generates straightforward policy prescriptions. Even if we know something makes us live longer, we still have to ask if it is right to promote it. It might be that many features of more traditional societies, including religiosity and tight social relations, are good for health. But it does not follow that we can or should try to turn back the clock. That is a philosophical and political question, not one for epidemiology.

Is this really a post-truth world?

To rebuild belief in the power and value of truth, we can’t dodge its complexity. Truths can be and often are difficult to understand, discover, explain, verify. They are also disturbingly easy to hide, distort, abuse or twist. Often we cannot claim with any certainty to know the truth. We need to take stock of the various kinds of real and supposed truths out there and understand how to test their authenticity.

“They are changing the world”


The Reading Lists

THE MOST IMPORTANT PHILOSOPHY BOOKS EVER WRITTEN. I contributed to this piece at The Reading Lists.

Science: Not Just For scientists

SCIENCE: NOT JUST FOR SCIENTISTS – 100 IDEAS. I’ve contributed an idea to this project by the the British Science Association.

On Free Will

INTERVIEW – SPIKED REVIEW. An interview about free will.