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Metalearn Podcast

THINKING ABOUT THINKING. Interviewed by Nasos Papadopoulos for this Metalearn podcast.

Stop the Machine

PODCAST. I feature in this Compassion in World Farming podcast with Philip Lymbery.

Hierarchy and Inequality in Nietzsche and Falsafa

In many ways medieval Islamic philosophy and the works of Friedrich Neitzsche couldn’t be more different. But as we see in this podcast, both provide interesting, rich challenges to modern western egalitarian ideals. Guests are Carlos Fraenkel (McGill University) and Mathias Risse (Harvard Kennedy School of Government). Produced in association with the Berggruen Institute’s Philosophy and Culture Centre.

Seeing reason

THE PHILOSOPHER’S ZONE – ABC AUSTRALIA. Talking to Joe Gelonesi about some of the main ideas in The Edge of Reason on his excellent long-running show.

Confucian Harmony and Freedom

Harmony is as core a value in classical Chinese thought as Freedom is in the modern west and it is often thought that the two conflict, with major political implications. However, the three broadly Confucian scholars in this episode deny there is a fundamental conflict between freedom and harmony. They are Chenyang Li, Anna Sun and David B. Wong. Produced in association with the Berggruen Institute’s Philosophy and Culture Centre.

Brain in a Vat and Other Stories

A PODCAST OF “BRAIN IN A VAT AND OTHER STORIES” IS NOW AVAILABLE. I took part in this Forum for European Philosophy Celebration of Hilary Putnam at the LSE on 8 December with Jesper Kallestrup, Chris Norris, Sarah Sawyer and Peter Dennis (Chair). The podcast is here or on iTunes.

Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide

BRISTOL FESTIVAL OF IDEAS – 15 NOVEMBER. Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide with John Cottingham, Lois Lee, Raymond Tallis and me as a participating chair. Listen again here.

An Age of Unreason?

BRISTOL FESTIVAL OF IDEAS – 7 NOVEMBER. Discussing whether we live in an age of unreason with James Garvey, author of The Persuaders and my successor as editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine. 19:00 at Waterstones. Listen again here.

Age, Expertise, Gender and Hierarchy

Rethinking hierarchy through the lenses of history, economics, feminism, daoism, mathematics and artificial intelligence with Jiang Qian, Robin R. Wang and Taisu Zhang. Produced in association with the Berggruen Philosophy and Culture Centre.

The Edge of Reason

“Julian Baggini has written a masterpiece, and what a timely masterpiece it is. The toxic gloating of ‘gut feelings’, hateful politics and heart-over-head attacks on good sense urgently need an antidote. Baggini has risen to the occasion. In this compelling book, he is fair-minded, incisive and bold; he never ducks the hard questions, but faces […]


  • Perfectionism has a push and a pull: some are more drawn to the ideal, others more unable to abide the imperfect.