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Talking about the BBC’s review of its religion and ethics broadcasting on the Today programme.

Alien fascination

BROADCASTING HOUSE – BBC RADIO 4, 26 FEBRUARY. I ws discussing our fascination with life on other planets with Jane Garvey and Monica Grady.

Let’s Do Lunch

FOOD PROGRAMME – BBC RADIO 4. I’m one of the voices in this week’s programme, first broadcast yesterday. Listen here.

Science versus Religion: Do We Need to Choose?

BELIEF AND BEYOND BELIEF – LONDON, 4 FEBRUARY. Taking part in a panel discussion on “Science versus Religion: Do We Need to Choose?” with – Sughra Ahmed, Suzie Sheehy and David Hutchings with Anna Starkey chairing. At 11:30 at the Southbank Centre.

What’s The Point of Protest?

BBC RADIO 4 & WORLD SERVICE. I appeared on two programmes today talking about the purpose of marches and petitions. First, I was on Radio Four’s Today (listen here at around 2:53:00) then on the World Service’s World Update (listen here at around 5:00).


SUNDAY – BBC RADIO FOUR. I was on last week’s programme talking with Theo Hobson about the alleged Christian basis of secular humanism.

On Derek Parfit

TODAY – BBC RADIO 4. Talking about Derek Parfit, who died on New Year’s Day. Listen again for a limited time at 02:43:00.

Bursting the Social Network Bubble

BURSTING THE SOCIAL NETWORK BUBBLE – BBC RADIO 4. One of the voices in Bobby Friction’s documentary. Another chance to listen here from January 26 2017

The World Tonight

THE WORLD TONIGHT – BBC RADIO FOUR. I was on last might’s programme talking about whether Trump is shaping or reflecting changing values and social norms. At 40:06 here.


BBC RADIO FOUR – SUNDAY. I was on this week’s programme discussing whether human rights have a specifically Christian basis with Nick Spencer.