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Eating Animals Conference

EATING ANIMALS CONFERENCE – CANTERBURY, 23 JUNE. Giving a paper “Defying nature: The Ben Franklin Objection Revisited” at the launch event for the Centre for Practical Normativity at the University of Kent. Registration here.  

York festival of Ideas

IS FREE WILL AN ILLUSION? – YORK, 9 JUNE. Taking part in this event with Christian Jarrett and Adrian Raine. More information and booking here.

5×15 Bristol

HOW TO BE A CHEERFUL PESSIMIST – BRISTOL, 4 JUNE. For the record, I spoke at this 5×15 event giving one of five 15-minute talks.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

SCIENCE IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD – EDINBURGH, 5 April. In discussion with Anne Glover, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, Yasmin Sulaiman at the Edinburgh International Science Festival at 8pm.

Media and Dis/Agreement

MEDIA AND DIS/AGREEMENT – CAMBRIDGE, 9 MARCH. Taking part in a discussion with Lorna Donjon and Michael J. O’laughlin at the Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry at 4pm.

The Edge of Reason

WORDS BY THE WATER – KESWICK, 10 MARCH. Talking about The Edge of Reason at this lovely Cumbrian festival.

Dorset Humanists

SCIENCE WITHOUT PEDESTALS – BOURNEMOUTH, 11 FEBRUARY. A Darwin Day talk, with optional lunch, challenging the pretensions of those who elevate science too high so we can better appreciate it for what it really is and more fully understand what it means to value reason and rationality.

Berwins Salon North

THE TAO OF JAZZ – HARROGATE, 26 JANUARY. Ignore the official blurb, this is about jazz, philosophy and life.

The Wonders and Challenges of Human Space Flight

THE WONDERS AND CHALLENGES OF HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT – 18 JANUARY, LONDON. Taking part in the day-long event at the Science Museum debating the ethics of space travel.

Philosophy in the Bookshop

PHILOSOPHY IN THE BOOKSHOP – OXFORD, 7 JANUARY. Nigel Warburton will be talking to me about The Edge of Reason at Blackwells at 11:00. Full details here.