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Ex Libris Live

Join Tracy Chevalier, Julian Baggini, Paul Bassett Davies and Katerina Diamond for an evening of bookish bluffing, entertaining chit-chat and outright literary sneakiness as our panel battle it out to win Ex Libris LIVE!

God and the Good: Thinking Religion and Ethics

RELIGION AND ATHEISM: BEYOND THE DIVIDE – SHEFFIELD, 10 OCTOBER. Panel discussion with Anthony Carrol, Angie Hobbs and Richard Norman at Sheffield Cathedral, 19:30.

How To Be Good

BELIEF AND BEYOND BELIEF – LONDON, 23 SEPTEMBER. Taking part in two panel discussions on a day themed “How To Be good”. The first at 11:30 is on “Gurus, Gods and Guidance” with Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand and Revd Canon Dr James Walters, chaired by Arifa Akbar. The second, at 16:30, is called “Beyond Good and Evil” and features Coline Covington, Dave Tomlinson, Bana Gora and chair Ike Anya.

The Philosophy of Free Will

THE PHILOSOPHY OF FREE WILL – LONDON, 19 SEPTEMBER. A LDN Talks @ Night event at a “trendy London venue” so you can sup craft ale while tuning in (or out, as you fancy) 7 for 7:30.

On The Edge

THE ART OF TRUTH – FOLKESTONE TRIENNIAL, 2 SEPTEMBER. Giving a talk on the opening day symposium of the triennial. Details and booking here.

Eating Animals Conference

EATING ANIMALS CONFERENCE – CANTERBURY, 23 JUNE. Giving a paper “Defying nature: The Ben Franklin Objection Revisited” at the launch event for the Centre for Practical Normativity at the University of Kent. Registration here.  

York festival of Ideas

IS FREE WILL AN ILLUSION? – YORK, 9 JUNE. Taking part in this event with Christian Jarrett and Adrian Raine. More information and booking here.

5×15 Bristol

HOW TO BE A CHEERFUL PESSIMIST – BRISTOL, 4 JUNE. For the record, I spoke at this 5×15 event giving one of five 15-minute talks.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

SCIENCE IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD – EDINBURGH, 5 April. In discussion with Anne Glover, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, Yasmin Sulaiman at the Edinburgh International Science Festival at 8pm.

Media and Dis/Agreement

MEDIA AND DIS/AGREEMENT – CAMBRIDGE, 9 MARCH. Taking part in a discussion with Lorna Donjon and Michael J. O’laughlin at the Von Hügel Institute for Critical Catholic Inquiry at 4pm.