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Who are we? Identity politics dissected

Video of discussion at this years’s Battle of Ideas featuring me, Ivan Hewett, Sunder Katwala, Michele Moody-Adams and Brendan O’Neill, chaired by Claire Fox.

Cats and Compatibilism

THE FREE THOUGHT PROPHET VIDEO. A fun, informal chat about one of the thorniest problems in philosophy with two real enthusiasts. Watch here.

Being Certain

Video of debate I took part in at How The Light Gets IN 2015, with Andrew Bowie, Edwina Currie and host Richard Coles.

In search of self

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Polonius’s advice to the young prince – “To thine own self be true” – has become a self-help cliché. Yet far from being a glib platitude, these six monosyllables raise profound questions. Being “true to thine own self” is more easily said than done…

The Laughing Philosopher

VIDEO – THE LAUGHING PHILOSOPHER. Does comedy hold the key to truth and morality? Julian Baggini, Katy Brand, John Ó Maoilearca. Caspar Melville hosts. Recorded at the How The Light Gets In festival.

Imagining Reality

VIDEO – IMAGINING REALITY. Video of discussion at the How the Light Gets In Festival, with me, Dylan Evans, Jasper Fforde and Eliane Glaser hosting.

Morning Stories

Morning Stories: A kind of Thought for the Day on Sky

Freedom Regained interview

How much personal responsibility do we have for our actions? Does free will truly exist? Drawing on conclusions from his new book, ‘Freedom Regained’, writer Julian Baggini considers these questions with Ali Millar, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Atheism: A Very Short Video Introduction

Ten things you need to know about atheism.

Why suffering?

AUDIO/VIDEO OF DISCUSSION ON SUFFERING. “Christian thinker Vince Vitale and atheist thinker Julian Baggini debate suffering with Justin Brierley.” On Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable.