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Churchgoers Survey

I have conducted a two-part survey as research for my Heathen’s Progress series at the Guardian’s Comment is Free Belief blog. Here the key documents of the survey are available for download, on condition that they are not used for commercial use and that you notify me of any use made of the data in material published in any form.

The first survey was of 141 Bristol Churchgoers. The documents available are

Survey as given to churchgoers [PDF]
Survey results summary [PDF]
Survey response spreadsheet [Excel]

Note that in spreadsheet, “0” indicates no response, “1” first option selected and so on. “v” indicates question answered in way which made it void.

The second survey was conducted online and received 767 responses.The documents available are

Survey results summary [PDF]
Survey response spreadsheet [Excel]

My initial discussion of the results is here.


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