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How The Light Gets In

HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN – HAY-ON-WYE, 26/27 MAY. Taking part in several events at this philosophy festival. My main event is what is described as an IAI Academy Course on self and identity, The Ego Trick, which is on Wednesday at 10:00. Being Certain (Tuesday, 13:15) is a panel discussion with me, Andrew Bowie and Edwina Currie, hosted by Richard Coles. Join me for Tea, Cake and Philosophy later at 17:00 to talk more about the issues raised. There’s another panel on Wednesday at 13:15 on Imagining Reality with Angela Breitenbach and Sarah Pinborough with Eliane Glaser hosting. I’m also chairing Love Incorporated with Richard Coles and Catherine Hakim (Tuesday, 14:30) and A Wonder Full World with Hilary Lawson, Sally Phillips and Alastair Reynolds (Wednesday, 16:00). By that point, however, I might be an exhausted, incoherent wreck.


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