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About me

Personal Consultations

I am now offering private one-to-one or small group consultations on philosophy and/or writing.

Philosophy 1-2-1s

These are for anyone keen to work through philosophical questions that concern them, for the practical and ethical to the theoretical. This is not therapy or counselling. My goal is to help clarify your thinking. Whether this will make you feel better, or even less confused, is unpredictable. If you would like to have philosophical counselling with a professional psychotherapist, then try the other half of “The Shrink and The Sage“, Antonia Macaro.

Writing 1-2-1s

I am also available for advice on writing and publishing.

100% No Guarantee

I do not believe in promising you anything other than to be taken seriously and to to have my full attention. Anyone promising philosophical answers that will satisfy you or philosophical solutions to life problems that will leave you happy is a charlatan!


I do not charge fees for personal consultations. (Corporate consultation is another matter!) In the manner of teachers in various Indian philosophies, you may offer a dāna, or gift (anything from a piece of cake to a large wad of banknotes), but this is absolutely discretionary. Note that if you want me to read your work in advance of a meeting this would require payment for my time.



I work in Bristol. Consultations elsewhere are possible if I happen to be close by.


Please use the contact form here.


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