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The Edge of Reason


“Julian Baggini has written a masterpiece, and what a timely masterpiece it is. The toxic gloating of ‘gut feelings’, hateful politics and heart-over-head attacks on good sense urgently need an antidote. Baggini has risen to the occasion. In this compelling book, he is fair-minded, incisive and bold; he never ducks the hard questions, but faces them head-on. And, luckily for the reader, he has the breadth of knowledge to pull this off, the wit to make it fun, and the clarity to keep us turning the page.” Patricia S. Churchland, author of Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Selves

“Baggini … expertly straddles the abstract and the practical. … Blending lucidity and passion, Baggini shows how much richer and more varied reason is than often supposed.” Jane O’Grady, Financial Times

“A thoughtful analysis for hyper-emotional times.” Barbara Kiser, Nature

“Well-timed and cogently argued.” Joe Humphreys, Irish Times

The Edge of Reason is a fine, well-argued, broad-ranging (and much-needed) book, and Baggini is one of the most considered and (yes) reasonable voices in public debate today.” Nick Spencer, Theos.

Order now from Yale University Press.

Listen to a podcast about the book below.


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